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Meet The Team


Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant

How Chiropractic Changed My Life

Hi! My name is Taylor, I am the front office assistant. I help around the office being a second hand to the doctors. I have one-on-one conversations with the patients and try to help as best as I can when it comes to supplements and CBD products. I also answer the phone and speak to patients about scheduling, ordering, etc… I plan to take my career in chiropractic further and I am planning on going to chiropractic school. I enjoy working here because I can retain knowledge that I will be able to use and help me have a base knowledge of chiropractic for school.

Taylor’s FAQ:

The best way to schedule is to schedule all your appointments for the upcoming week is to schedule them the week before so you know you will be able to get in on that specific day and get the appointment times you want.
The best way to get in touch with the doctors is to either email or call the office at 724-745-1533 and we can set up a time to have a one-on-one conversation with the doctors.
My favorite part is creating a relationship with every patient that walks through our doors to help reassure them that they are in the right place, and we will do as much as we can to help them.


Office & Billing Manager
I love this job! My bosses, coworkers and the environment are amazing. I love the interaction with patients and knowing that the little things I can do can really make the whole visit a positive one. My job is amazing and all because of the doctors and how great they are. They make you a part of their family. I love interacting with our patients too. One question I get all the time is “What is covered under my insurance and what is my copay?” I tell them to bring in their insurance card.


Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant

I love my job because I enjoy working in a positive environment! I also like learning more ways to improve our health naturally.  When I’m not hanging out with my son, Jase, I enjoy hiking, fishing, being outdoors, running, and spending time with family. 


Community Outreach Assistant

Hi, my name is Traci, and I am super excited to be partnering with Life In Motion Chiropractic Center.  I have been married 21 years, have 3 children, and 2 grandchildren! My husband and I enjoy kayaking and spending time with our family.  Prior to joining this incredible team, I was, and continue to be a patient of Dr. Nate! The care and compassion both Dr. Nate and Dr. Beth have for their patients and community is unsurpassed and refreshing. I came to this practice with severe pain due to bulging discs in my lower spine on high doses of pain medication, as well as a slight limp due to 3 knee surgeries after a bad fall. I was all sorts of misaligned. I was feeling hopeless for quality of life, and even worse, realizing I was not going to be able to achieve my goal of becoming Search and Rescue certified and a responding member of Alleghany Mountain Rescue Group.  The care of the doctors helped me achieve my goal, going above and beyond to make sure I was in my best physical shape to test and certify.  Dr. Nate even came in super early on his morning off for an adjustment on the day I tested to make sure I was feeling my best!  I feel super blessed to get to share my story with the community and spread awareness of the benefits of Chiropractics for one’s overall health and wellness!!  Dr. Nate and Dr. Beth gave me my life back!